By The Numbers

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Handicapping
Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows

Running the numbers on the last 12 days of the 2011 Prairie Meadows thoroughbred season , a total of 121 races, my “top contenders” won 47 times (38%) and totaled $263.20 in win mutuels for an 8% ROI.

The real MONEY MAKING opportunity was in TRIFECTAS! There were 107 races in which a TRI was offered and  my top three horses (on the PrM tip sheets) all ran in the race.  I posted 16 TRIFECTAS in those 107 races (15%) for a total of $1,646.80 in payoffs and an ROI of 28% (based on a $2 BOX). I actually had 3 TRIFECTAS (of the 16) in 1-2-3 order, but I am basing the ROI on the three-horse $12 BOX.


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